wedding professionals

(wedding planners, photographers, florists,
cake designers, RENTAL COMPANIES, stationers & more)

Running a successful business
(in a very crowded industry)
just got a hell of a lot easier.




who want to GROW by focusing on systems and strategies that 

Make you more money
Give you more freedom and flexibility
Help you run your business so it’s not running you

Make you more money

Give you more freedom and flexibility

Help you run your business so it’s not running you



Full of strategy and actionable takeaways, this program will give you the leg up, the chutzpah, and the sassy badassy mentality you need to kick your struggles to the curb for good.

Are you tired of working your ass off for very little money?

And sick of clients who beg you to perform services at the last minute that have zero respect for your time?

What about getting jacked around by clients who constantly question your judgement, your costs, your expertise, and your contract, insisting on pinching every penny that ever existed?

And have you been burned one too many times because your proposals and contracts aren’t covering your entire ass?

What about trying to dig yourself out from under those 4 million emails, taunting you in your unorganized inbox?

Wouldn’t it feel good to know without a doubt that you were doing everything right in your wedding industry business?

That your systems were set up and you could fire off emails, contracts, questionnaires, and invoices, lickity-split, without reinventing the wheel every 2.5 minutes.

That your sales and marketing were dialed in and everything from mastering sales calls with angsty couples to harnessing the power of social media was simple and easy.

That your strategy for growth was actually strategic - not just a collection of random tips you saw on a blog post and are half-heartedly trying to implement with no guidance or accountability.

And that you knew exactly what to do to move from financial instability and total overwhelm to well-oiled business machine with predictable cash flow.

And what if every aspect of running and growing your business was in place and on point?

No more winging it, faking it, or treating your business like it’s a hobby. 

No more overwhelm, lack of focus, or shiny object derailment. And no more feeling lost or exhausted, dealing with that wake you up in the middle of the night fear that you’re missing out on something fundamentally KEY to the success of your business

What if you could have ALL the help you needed to build and grow a successful business in that notoriously crowded industry we all know and love… 

the wedding industry

From the outside it’s a beautiful smorgasbord of sumptuous cakes, ethereal photography, and 50 shades of gourmet poultry. And don’t forget the cha-cha slide...

But underneath the magic, it’s not so pretty. You’ve got bridezillas asking for freebies, mothers of bridezillas trying to negotiate a better deal, and a thousand crazy vendors screwing up your timeline with zero regard to how it’s gonna affect YOU and your clients.  

The marketing, the sales, the organization, the execution... 

Truthfully, It’s been harder than you thought.

But, you love what you do - you’re fully invested and beyond determined to make it work.

How might things be different if you had access to and personal attention from a seasoned wedding industry pro, and a posse of other wedding industry pros like you, who could show you how to run a tighter business and make maximum profit?

Wouldn’t you feel better knowing you had a solid plan and someone to guide you?

100% yes! take me to the program details

It sounds a hell of a lot better than what you’re going through now, right?

You feel totally alone and have no one to turn to when you need help with a proposal.

Your task list is HUGE but you have no idea what to do first because you have no plan.

You want a plan of action but don’t even know where to start or who to ask.

Feelings of stress and anxiety plague your brain constantly.

You’re drowning in busy work because you have no systems in place.

Overwhelm has become your daily mantra - there’s no time to work ON your biz because your too busy working IN your biz.


but you’re not getting the help you need.

Your mom is super supportive, but “YOU CAN DO IT, HONEY” is not paying the bills. 

Your old college roommate is a great listener, but her advice is about as useful as a pile of turds.

You’re scared of asking those in your industry who’ve already “made it” because you don’t want to be an annoying and clueless freeloader.

You need a fundamentally sound plan of action that gives you education and support, topped off with a frothy dollop of accountability for optimum focus and motivation. 

You want a better wedding business, right? One that makes LOTS of money and offers you more freedom because you’re working smarter, not harder...

Why? Because when I was where you are in those first few years, every damn day I wished I had someone who could have trained and guided me in the areas where I needed help (which was everywhere). 

I hustled, fretted, failed, picked myself back up (a million times over), learned, wasted money on crappy courses, learned some more, failed some more, until finally (after 4 long years)… 

As someone who’s been exactly where you are right now, I know how you feel.

I’m Lane’

I  became a self-made expert
who had her shit together
and duck-kabobs in a row.

I’m a successful business owner with high-level experience and a coach graduate from an accredited institution. 

I’m a 5-time winner of the “best of” and “couples choice” vendor by WeddingWire and Oregon Bride Magazine.

I’m an industry insider, notorious achiever, and someone who wants to pass industry secrets on to you and you and you.

I’m a published expert, featured in: Huffington Post, Reuters, Wedding Planner Magazine, Wedding IQ, Special Events, Wedding Business Magazine, and every major wedding blog known to humanity.

yes!! take me right to the program details


I bet you relate to my story on some level, but let’s be honest - it’s hard to know who to trust and where to invest your money.

If your gonna fork over the money to get the help you need, you want to be sure you'rE investing in someone who KNOWS their shit and GIVES a shit about you.


Practically everyone claims to have the solution to your problem and trying to pick the RIGHT program (out of the 4 billion options) feels impossible.

I’ve already blazed the path you’re trudging and I’ve got you covered 360° for 180 days.

i'm in! take me to the program details

“Lane' Richards has helped me change my business strategies and processes and now my business runs better and smarter. My company, Beautiful Event Rentals, has grown exponentially since starting the coaching. I started wedding business coaching with Lane' because of her expertise and very apparent love for coaching - I highly recommend her! - Cammie P., Beautiful Event Rentals, Carrollton, TX

You can finally stop stressing, guessing, and stumbling. Help is here and it’s yours, all yours. Imagine…

It’s absofreakingloutly possible to do all of this and more, but unless you’re ready to invest in your passion, your future, your business… you’ll stay stuck in the muck of self-doubt - spinning your wheels going nowhere fast.

You deserve more, so self-doubt be gone and failure be damned!

Having your systems and routines set up and fully functioning…

Get out from under your inbox and respond rapid-fire style to inquiries, keep track of your projects by learning to use workflows, and keep your clients happy and within the scope of their contract with tools to keep everyone organized and on-task.

Getting education and support custom tailored to your unique situation…

Don’t know how to handle that client who wants you to pop out of her cake and sing Ave Maria? Need help figuring out how to deal with other vendors who don’t respect your timeline? Hiring your first employee and don't know where to start? You’re covered.

Understanding how to leverage social media to grow and build a reputation…

Learn what to post and where, how to connect with your ideal client, why you should be connecting with others in your industry, and how to do it with intention and strategy.

Having a super-optimized marketing plan, built to sell your amazing services…

Avoid cheap and unsavory clients, train existing clients to respect your contract and the scope of your work, and understand how to attract more top-notch clients.

Learning how to sell your services without feeling pushy, sleazy, or salesy...

Tell them your price and hold steady, ask for the sale and don’t flinch, educate clients on the features and benefits of your services and make it impossible for them to take advantage of you ever again!

This is a 6 month program for wedding industry professionals who want to make more money, do more in less time, and learn the most efficient and cutting-edge methods for running and growing a business in a highly competitive market.

You shouldn’t have to stay up all hours of the night chained to your business and utterly exhausted. 

Sales calls don’t have to be your very worst nightmare.

And the nuances of running the day-to-day aspects of your business shouldn’t bury you under a pile of work that makes you feel like ugly-crying.



 2 groups of 8 people // 6 MONTHS // 3 tiers

There are 3 tiers or plans to choose from in The Wedding Pro Coaching Mastermind (which we’ll get to in a minute) but first, here’s a breakdown of everything available inside the program.

here's how it works

In these 90 minute blocks of solid-freaking-gold, light a flame under your ass as you take your turn in the hot seat! Each participant gets a dedicated chunk of time to ask the group for help. Bring your struggles, ask your questions, support other participants, and say hello to the clarity you’ve been craving.

the elements

Every other week mastermind calls:

Connect with your mastermind cohorts here and make it your home away from home for the next 6 months. Share your wins, send out the bat signal for those urgent SOSs, encourage each other, and make powerful connections that can last a lifetime.

Access to a private Facebook group: 

It’s go time. Bask in the vast expertise of your fearless leader (moi) and stock your arsenal with the missing links (huge, amazing links you probably didn’t even know were missing). Topics cover the fundamentals of running a successful business, from marketing to client management to system implementation - all things you need to scale.

Monthly MASTERCLASS webinars:

Fast and furious, quick n’ dirty - get 5 minutes each week to connect with me, check in on your goals, and untangle any kinks.

Accountability calls:

Via live chat, here’s your chance… ask and you shall receive. Need help with social media posting ideas, or can’t decide on which CRM to invest in? Trying to determine if it's time to hire help and if so, should they be an employee or contractor? Bring your quandaries and get informed answers to guide your progress.

Weekly office hours:

Download tools and workflows to help you streamline and succeed! Files are digital PDF documents that include checklists and documents in areas such as styled shoots, client experience, workflows, email templates and phone scripts.


Monopolize my time with #allthethings. In our 45-minute call, be accountable for your goals and get custom coaching for your unique circumstances. This is your time to take the big strides and LEAP towards your goals - it’s momentum, baby.

Monthly 1:1 coaching:

Getting from point A to point Z starts with knowing your “Z”. Let’s start with your BIG goal - where you ultimately want your business to be - and break that glorious beast into smaller goals or doable baby-biz steps that won’t overwhelm you. It’s like drawing a map or framing out a house - everything that comes next builds from here.


systems & routines

Big Pictures And Baby Steps:

Client Relationship Management is EVERYTHING and having the right software will make your life so. much. easier. I’ll help you choose the best one for you AND teach you how to maximize its features. Get ready to be the most well-organized wedding pro ever.

CRMs 101:

CRM training for creating invoices, questionnaires, contracts, workflows, and more… this is the artificial intelligence that will be running your biz while you take that much needed power-nap. Life-changing.

Learn The Basics Of 17Hats & Dubsado:

Stop reinventing the damn wheel every time you write an email or take a sales call. Let’s streamline your business and free up your time, STAT. Templatizing EVERYTHING from contracts, emails, sales scripts, and more will save you time, win you business, and help you stay organized - it’s a no-brainer!

The Power Of Templates:

How to do it and why you should.

Time Blocking:

From cold leads to booked clients, learn best practices for taking potential customers from hmmm, maybe to yes! definitely. I’m talking sales calls, follow ups, tracking your closing ratio - everything involved with creating a client experience that makes ‘em say hell yes.

sales & marketing

The Sales Process:

Relationships are everything and networking can be one of your most powerful catalysts for growth. Build your business and vendor relationships and your reputation like a grown-ass pro with tips n’ tricks brought to you by yours truly. It’s one of the top 3 strategies that propelled my own business to higher (way higher) ground.

Networking Stardom:

Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook? Consider them your new BFFs. Learn to run ads, what to post and when, how to use hashtags, best practices for optimizing your reach and visibility, and how to use Instagram stories to your advantage. You can’t miss this one.

Harnessing The Power Of Social Media:

When you’re implementing new ideas and systems in your business, the flow can feel disjointed and choppy. Here we focus on all the moving parts - forming a culture around your brand so the client experience is smooth like butter from beginning to end.

Putting It All Together:

Give them the experience of a lifetime by focusing on these 4 things: Place (storefront, online presence - the first impression), Product (does your product align with your pricing), Process (ease of doing business, winning over your clients), People (creating a positive emotional connection with your clients).

The Four Ps Of A Premium Client Experience:

Cover your bases and dot those i’s - you’d be surprised at how fast a boring and bland website can scare prospects away. I’ll cover must-haves and more to help you optimize your site and attract all the right clients.


the client experience

Craft and control the culture of your company by defining what you believe in and letting that guide your principles and business identity.

Forming Company Values:

A FREE 1-hour coaching call with me, valued at $195.

A FREE guide that every wedding business owners should have: The Big List Of Tools to automate your biz, valued at $29.

The FREE workbook: Creating an Ideal Client Experience - a workbook that walks you through the steps to creating the perfect client experience to WOW your customers, valued at $67.

My FREE Contact to Contract Inquiry Response Process, valued at $67.



so many benefits, tons of value, and everything you need to go big.






For those who want to tap into the power of the mastermind group and a have access to and support from a community of other wedding industry pros - this is for you.






Seeking the support of a like-minded group PLUS personalized 1:1 private coaching and education from the head bitch in charge? Pick this one.





What do you get when you add BASIC + PLUS? The whole enchilada, baby. Take it a step further and get access to #allthethings. 1:1 coaching with me, the support of your mastermind group AND a 1:1 from a trusted business advisor.









the options

Because 1 size never fits all, you have 3 tiers to choose from.

sign me up - I'm in!


meet your coach

I’ve devoted the last 7 years to learning EVERYTHING there is to know about running a successful business in the wedding industry, and now I want to help you do the same.

I’m Lane’ (Lay-nuh). Wedding industry insider and coach graudate to wedding industry professionals who need help building, running, and growing their businesses. 

More than anything, I want to be the one who helps you step into your role of CEO as you take total control of your wedding business. 

Why? Because I’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

lane' richards

When I started my own biz - Something Borrowed Portland, I had no idea what I was getting myself into and had to figure it all out on my own. I went into obsession mode, worked WAY too much, and was exhausted all the time because I was so busy and overwhelmed.

this translated to:

Many, many (many) late nights and lost weekends packed with “catching up”.

Very little time for friends, family, and fun because… “too much to do”.

Client codependency - I was at their beck and call, and NOT in a good way.

Botched jobs due to inefficient organization (lack of systems and routines).

The inability to grow because I was buried under mounds of busy grunt work.

But finally, after about 4 stressful years, I had a fully functioning business that ran like a well-oiled machine

And honesty? It’s been really freaking hard, expensive, and lonely.
I don’t want that for you. I want it to be easier and less daunting for you.

In my mastermind program, you get coaching AND organized education from someone who won’t let you off the hook.
It’s the best of both worlds.

I’ll share the secrets to my own entrepreneurial success in the crowded wedding industry as well as the unique leadership lessons I’ve amassed from more than 25 years of corporate sector work.

but why should you trust me?

Just because I care about your happiness and success AND have the fancy-schmancy resume/list of achievements to prove my prowess, how do you really know I’m not just some phony money-grubber trying to take your cash and RUN?

Think successful business owner with high-level experience and a coach graduate from an accredited institution. 

Think 5-time winner of the “best of” and “couples choice” vendor by WeddingWire and Oregon Bride Magazine.

Think industry insider, notorious achiever, and someone who wants to pass industry secrets on to you and you and you.

Think published expert featured in: Huffington Post, Reuters, Wedding Planner Magazine, Special Events, Wedding Business Magazine, Wedding IQ, Timeline Genius, Quickbooks, and every major wedding blog known to humanity.


I’ll help you get your shit together faster than you can on your own. 
I’ll help stop that nagging anxiety that keeps you up at night. 
I’ll help get your cash flow going faster than you can say “here comes the bride”.

When you stay true to your vision, offer up products and services stacked on top of a solid foundation of business fundamentals, and throw your energy behind the right things… competition falls away and suddenly, you’re doing things YOUR way and getting some ass-kicking results.

i'm in! sign me up!

I'm ready to kick ass! sign me up!

“I came to Lane' because I needed help streamlining and automating my customer service experience. She immediately knew where I needed to make changes and helped me implement the systems she suggested. Now I can focus on my time where it's best spent and feel confident that my business is running smooth with little effort.” - Casey W., Wandering Spirts, Portland, OR

It’s true - I am selling my services as a wedding business coach and mentor, but this goes beyond labels, titles, or anything else you can put on paper...

would it help to know

 that you’re investing in more than JUST a wedding business coach or JUST another program claiming to help you expand your wedding business?

Want to know what I’m really selling?

The freedom and ability to make a good living doing what you love most.

The piece of mind that comes with knowing you’re doing EVERYTHING right.

The information you need to build an in-demand and high-functioning business so you can live the life YOU want on the terms YOU choose.

not bad, right?

Investing in yourself is always a little scary, though. Pulling out your credit card, clicking “buy now”, wondering if you’re making the right choice… 

Especially if you’re struggling financially or keeping a close eye on your spending. 

But what’s at stake if you let this opportunity pass you by? How much longer can you keep on going the way you are right now?

are you:

Living with the fear of financial insecurity? Will this month’s bills even get paid?

Working as hard as you can, but feel like you’re still missing something fundamentally HUGE?

Constantly trying to calm the terrible fear in the pit of your gut, wondering whether or not your doors will be open in 6 months from now?

stop it!

Are you ready to invest in your business, yourself, and your 
future with money that can easily come back to you 
10X over, again and again?

YES! Sign me up!!

Honestly, this program will run again, so if you pass it up now, it’ll be back in 6 months...

“OH MY GOD, HURRY! There’s only 3 spots left!
The timer is ticking and - holy hell - there’s 13 minutes and 27 seconds left before this offer is gone FOREVER
[insert crazy-face emoji with hair on fire]

And this is the part where I tell you…

But honestly, do you really want to wait 6 months, 180 days, and another lackluster wedding season to finally get your shit together (make more money, build your reputation, scale up and grow up)?

Are you actually enjoying the stress of feeling like you’re faking it and hoping as hard as you can that the missing pieces will fall into place if you can just work a little bit harder?


you deserve this!

Here are your options for a 3-month payment plan:

3 payments of

BUT…time is limited. The cart closes on August 6, 2018.

AND…space is limited.
There are 8 spots per group, so 16 total.

This choice should be a no-brainer.


sign me up!

3 payments of


sign me up!

3 payments of


sign me up!








Because I know what it’s like to buy into programs that aren’t a great fit (I’ve been buying educational courses, webinars, seminars, memberships, conferences, and books since day one and at least HALF have been a waste of my time), I guarantee to NOT take you on as a client if I’m not 100% confident we’re a perfect fit.

my Guarantees

I want each and every client to get everything they want (and more) from my program and I guarantee that I won’t hold back any secrets. You’ll get my A-game self, my full attention, and my very best ideas - your success is my success too.

Ready to go and wondering what to expect next? Because space is limited to 8 spots per mastermind group (there are 2 groups), and because I don’t want your money if this program isn’t the perfect fit for you, when you click to enroll, aka, CHOOSE AN OPTION, you’ll be taken to the program application.

Once I’ve reviewed your application, we’ll set up a call to dig a little deeper into your application
and to make sure my program is right for you. By the end of the call, you’ll know if you’ve been accepted (and cue obnoxious celebratory blow horn).

are you in? here's what's next...

Mastermind calls (starting 08/14/18 & 08/15/18) are done virtually and take place every-other-week with 2 options:

The program starts In AUGUST and runs for 6 months.

Option 1 AUGUST 14TH: 10AM - 11:30AM Pacific Standard Time

Option 2
AUGUST 15TH: 3Pm - 4:30Pm Pacific Standard Time

still not sure if this program is for you?

You’re ready for the Wedding Pro Coaching Mastermind if:

You’ve been in business for at least a year and need help with business-building fundamentals, the day to day logistics of running a business, and best practices for scaling up.

You want help from a coach with a proven record of her own business success AND a strong background in training and education.

You feel stuck or you’ve plateaued and need some outside help from an expert.

You’re tired of wasting time figuring out #allthethings and want to maximize your efforts by putting them where they’re needed most.

You recognize that making a strategic investment in yourself and your business is the fastest way to making MORE money.

This program is NOT for:

Individuals still in the developmental stages of business (1 year in business minimum).
Anyone NOT inside the wedding industry.

People who aren’t open to the concept of community over competition - this program is about having each other’s backs and lifting each other up.

Anyone not 100% ready to show up - the collective success of a mastermind hinges upon individual commitment.

“I can 100% recommend Lane' - I was blown away by her professionalism and also her amazing organizational skills.” Meghan H., Portland, OR




Wedding Pro Coaching services are open to any wedding business over 1 year old. You might be just starting out and new to the wedding and events industry or a seasoned wedding professional who has been in the industry for several years and is looking to take your business to the next level.


There are many, many reasons why you should work with a coach. Here are just a few… A coach will help push you outside your comfort zone so that you try new things and meet new people. You’ll receive personal attention from someone who understands the ins and outs of owning a business. Coaches can help take your business from where you are now, to where you want to be and are not afraid to tell you the truth, in a tactful and supportive manner. A coach holds you accountable and challenges you to develop and achieve your goals.


A Mastermind is a group of like-minded individuals getting together in a safe and supportive environment to bring forth change and overcome obstacles preventing you from moving forward in your business. A Mastermind is a mixture of brainstorming, education, and accountability. You state your goal and the group (including the coach) brainstorms ways to help you with ideas around how to accomplish your goal.

The Mastermind group operates under strict confidentiality, peer commitment to both give and receive advice and ideas, and complete honesty and respect towards one another.


With one-on-one coaching you can take a deeper dive into the goal you’d like to achieve or challenge you'd like to overcome. This mastermind group is limited to no more than 5-10 minutes per person, giving you high level feedback. When we meet individually, calls are 45-minutes and we focus on you and your work.


Topics change from meeting to meeting and are based solely on what you want to focus on within your business at that moment. While we will have deeper dive educational programs in the webinars, your time in the Mastermind and/or private, one-on-one coaching is dedicated to helping you overcome the hurdles and obstacles you are currently faced with.


Office hours allow you to connect with me weekly via audio bridge to discuss your pressing questions. It’s a chance for you to bounce ideas off of me or chat about any other business-related matters. Basically, if you need help, you can chat with me during the scheduled office hours times and receive assistance. It’s an open door for anyone interested.


Registration links for all monthly virtual training will be sent out to program participants once the schedule and masterclass topics go live. If you miss a webinar, no problem! You’ll have access to the recorded content.


This program is hands-on with accountability. It's not an automated “do it at your own pace” program as you’re here for results. Most other programs are memberships where you have no clear training plan in place (ie: what should I focus on now?). This is highly personalized program based on where you are and what you need the most help with RIGHT now. You are expected to show up and be prepared to kick some butt! Groups are SMALL and limited to 8 people per program. This allows each person enough time on each Mastermind call. And besides, small groups = stronger connections.

Each week we’ll have an accountability call. I’m going to be cheering you on and making sure you accomplish all you’ve set out to do because I truly want you to be successful. If you’re not held accountable, chances are you won’t meet the goals you’ve set for yourself (unless you’re a type A personality like me).


Due to the nature of this program, all payments (and payment commitments) are non-refundable. You are making the commitment to working with me as well as others in our intimate program. While I do not offer refunds, I will (sadly) release you from any further obligations as I expect full participation, not just for you, but out of respect for the entire group.


Fill out your application now and get ready to watch your business EXPLODE in all the best ways.

I can’t wait to hear from you - here’s to grabbing your destiny by the gourmet meatballs and claiming your rightful spot as CEO, baby.

Well? What are you waiting for?

If you’re tired of working your ass off, spinning your wheels in the mud, and losing your valuable time to trying to figure out WTF you’re doing - the marketing, the systems, the sales, the clients, employees - this program is juuuuust what you need. 

If you’re tired of feeling like your sanity is slowing slipping away because you’re tapped out and exhausted from the hustle… this program is for you.

If you’re 100% committed to yourself and your business and DETERMINED to share something big with the world… 100% yes - this program is for you.

fill out an application