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(but first...you gotta know your shit)

What’s your story? 

For most new entrepreneurs, it goes something like this:

Are you living the dream or stuck somewhere in the middle of that awkward “oh shit, my dream is actually a big fat nightmare” phase of building a business? 

**Commence mad search for an expert in your industry that can help you build your business and breathe a sigh of relief**


I’m on top of the world, my idea is so great, yay me!
I love my life! Wanna hug?


Hmmmm, what’s all this about marketing and sales and automation and balance sheets? Wait, I have to do WHAT? But… I just wanna make wedding cakes and get rich…


OK, I can do this. I’m going to spend my life savings on 17 different educational programs and hire a coach who doesn’t know a thing about my industry, but she’s got amazing earrings and hair, and she said “sales funnel” so she must know what she’s doing.


It’s 2 AM and you’re laying in bed, wide awake, heart pounding, thoughts racing: I’m not cut out for this. I suck. I hate everything and everyone and... I wonder how cake tastes soaked in vodka… I should probably shower today, but that would mean getting out of bed...


Get your shit together, woman! It’s time to face facts: I have a dream but I’m not totally equipped to make it happen. It’s time to stop jacking around and hire the RIGHT person.


You had this big, giant, AMAZING idea and you couldn’t wait to build it and launch it into the world. And so you did, but it’s been harder than you planned on and now you’re in this weird no-man’s-land of insecurity, long hours, and not knowing what to do next.

I went through the same thing when I launched my big idea, Something Borrowed.

It took me FOUR YEARS of non-stop learning to finally feel like I had my shit together - I took webinars, I read books, I bought crappy courses from people who promised the world… 

It was maddening to know I needed help but not know who to turn to - I was basically throwing darts at random targets, crossing my fingers and toes that THIS thing or THAT thing would help me run and expand my wedding business. 

And not only that, it took me an uncomfortably long chunk of time to stop comparing myself to my competition and just step into my bona fide self and own it like the head bitch in charge I knew I could be.

And now? Something Borrowed is a big idea gone totally wild. Wildly successful, wildly profitable, and wildly fun. Plus it funds my designer shoe addiction quite nicely and affords me a high-end lifestyle that used to seem a million miles away.  

the facts

I’m Lane’ (pronounced Lay-nuh) Richards and I’m a coach who helps wedding industry professionals stop faking it, floundering, freaking, and fretting. You’re already amazing - all you need now is a plan for success coupled with the knowledge and tools required to build, run, and grow that big idea of yours. 

With a little help from me (a wedding business coach who knows her shit) you CAN have a better wedding business and a lot sooner than you think.

And I’m not talking about working harder, I’m talking about leveraging MY experience and knowledge...

about your COACH

To cut out years of trial and error if you were to do it on your own 
To side-step the wasted time and money that comes with “figuring it out” 
And to save the sanity you’d slowly lose, chipping away on your business by by yourself

To cut out years of trial and error if you were to do it on your own


To side-step the wasted time and money that comes with “figuring it out” 

And to save the sanity you’d slowly lose, chipping away on your business by by yourself


If you’re ready to stop fighting your way through that mountain of to-dos, to stop feeling like you’re in this alone, and to start making huge progress in way less time…

Head on over to the → PROGRAMS PAGE to see when my next Wedding Pro Mastermind launches! 

From there you can click to enroll where you’ll be asked to fill out an application and to schedule a call with me. I want to be 100% sure we’re a good fit - they’ll be no wasting of your money on my watch if this program isn’t right for you!


I grew up in a remote Eskimo village in Alaska where we had to hunt, grow, and gather our food if we wanted to survive. This taught me the basics of becoming a badass business maven: being disciplined, persevering when things get rough, and showing up, even when I don’t want to.

I was a nude model in my 20s, even though I had low self-esteem. This taught me about setting myself apart in business: to “fuck your fears and dare to be different” by expressing myself in a way that made me feel confident, beautiful, powerful, and unique. 

I’m a whore for volunteering - watching other people’s personal growth is everything. In 2008, I spent 6 months providing ESL tutoring to an African refugee family from Burundi. The mom spoke no English, she couldn't drive, and had 5 kids. Fast forward 3 years when I ran into her at the grocery store - she had driven herself there and was shopping with her kids and because she could speak English she had gained her independence... I literally broke down crying because I was SO very happy to see her succeeding and thriving.

This was the single most humbling and rewarding experience of my life. To see someone with drive, determination and tenacity MAKE IT. This taught me about coaching: the power of community and the gift of lifting another human up so they can reach their highest potential.

And perhaps my favorite claim to fame - Intel had a lifesize cardboard cutout of me made to showcase my dedication as a volunteer role model. My work there taught me about running things: when you’re in a position of leadership, you HAVE to be organized with processes and systems in place if you want to be effective.

Want to know what makes me a successful entrepreneur and highly effective wedding business coach?