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September 4, 2018

LANE' Richards

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I'm Lane' and I am the multidisciplinary entrepreneur and creative genius behind Something Borrowed Portland. In 2017 I started Wedding Pro Coaching; offering mastermind business coaching and educational programs to independent creatives looking to navigate - and succeed - in the crowded wedding industry.


Why You Shouldn’t Use Linktree

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If you have a business profile on Instagram you know that you can only have one website link in your bio. This can sometimes be a drag, especially when you want to promote a specific blog post, share a link to a wedding blog feature, or direct people to sign up for a workshop or your newsletter.

Enter Linktree. This program allows you to create multiple links within the app so when someone clicks on the Linktr.ee URL in your Instagram bio, all the links you’ve populated will appear. Genius, right?! Read on to find out why you shouldn’t use Linktree.

It’s not Branded

Well, there’s some things to think about before you jump into using Linktree. For starters, while the free version is tempting, it’s also limited (as are most free versions of anything). If you’re hardcore into branding, the free version won’t satisfy your inner designer. Color options are limited, you can’t upload your logo nor can you use icons for each link. Also, you’ll see the Linktr.ee name in the URL in your bio, as well as at the top and bottom of the landing page. These nuances may not bother you, but there’s one other big reason for not using Linktree.

Linktree Admin Page

Linktree Example

You want the link in your Instagram profile bio to be YOUR URL, not their’s. The more places you have your business name, the better. You want to build brand reputation and familiarity with your audience. So the more people see your website URL, the more apt they are to remember it and you.


Linktr.ee’s URL: https://linktr.ee/weddingprocoaching

Instead, opt for (examples):


It’s Not Directing Traffic to Your Website

Ah yes, SEO. Why would you direct your audience to Linktree and not your website? It would be like promoting a link to Amazon, only then sending people to your website (or another link). Do you want to lose out on that traffic? This gives your audience a reason to browse around while they’re on your website. You want to drive as much traffic to your website as possible! Make it easy for people to find what they need and tempt them into staying around longer.

You Don’t Own Linktree but You Own Your Website

What happens if Linktree goes down and the program stops working? Even 5 minutes of downtime can have a huge impact! You have control of your website, but not Linktree.

What to do Instead?

If you want to pay for yet another program, you can get more creative with branding. But let’s be honest, while $6 per month isn’t a lot, $72 a year adds up. When you’re bootstrapping and trying to find ways to save money, every little cent counts.

This is why you should build your own, mobile-friendly page on YOUR website instead. It’s not as intimidating as you might think! By optimizing a special Instagram landing page on your website, you have complete control over how it looks, and you’re directing people to where you really want them to be!

Here’s what my Instagram landing page looks like:

Website alternative to Linktree for Instagram Links

Share what you create to the comments below, I’d love to see!

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  1. Chanelle

    September 11th, 2018 at 2:41 pm


    We just switched ours over a month or two ago and completely agree with the branding aspect!

  2. Lane' Richards

    September 11th, 2018 at 2:44 pm

    Great! And I love how your landing page for Insta links looks! Except now I’m hungry 🙂

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