Mentorship with Lane'

12-months of one-on-one business guidance

Are you tired of working your butt off for very little money?

What about getting jacked around by clients who constantly question your policies, your costs, your expertise, and your contract, insisting on pinching every penny that ever existed?

And have you been burned one too many times because your proposals and contracts aren’t covering your entire behind?

What about trying to dig yourself out from under those 4 million emails, taunting you in your unorganized inbox?

Full of strategy and actionable takeaways, this 12-month mentorship program will give you the leg up, the chutzpah, and the sassy badassy mentality you need to kick your struggles to the curb for good.

As someone who’s been exactly where you are right now, I know how you feel.

That your systems were set up and you could fire off emails, contracts, questionnaires, and invoices, lickity-split, without reinventing the wheel every 2.5 minutes.

That your sales and marketing were dialed in and everything from mastering sales calls with angsty couples to harnessing the power of social media was simple and easy.

That your strategy for growth was actually strategic - not just a collection of random tips you saw on a blog post and are half-heartedly trying to implement with no guidance or accountability.

And that you knew exactly what to do to move from financial instability and total overwhelm to well-oiled business machine with predictable cash flow.

And what if every aspect of running and growing your business was in place and on point?

No more overwhelm, lack of focus, or shiny object derailment. And no more feeling lost or exhausted, dealing with that wake you up in the middle of the night fear that you’re missing out on something fundamentally KEY to the success of your business.


Wouldn't it feel good to know without a doubt that you were doing everything right in your specialty rental business?

Systems + processes

Stop reinventing the wheel every time you write an email or take a sales call. Let’s streamline your business and free up your time, STAT. You'll have access to ALL the templates, scripts and contracts I used with my specialty rental business saving you valuable time.

You'll also receive hands-on CRM training for creating invoices, questionnaires, contracts, workflows, and more… this is the artificial intelligence that will be running your biz while you take that much needed power-nap. Life-changing!


client experience

When you’re implementing new ideas and systems in your business, the flow can feel disjointed and choppy. Here we focus on all the moving parts - forming a culture around your brand so the client experience is smooth like butter from beginning to end.



You're ready to hire your first employee or establish protocol with existing employees but don't know where to start. Tapping into my HR training, I'll share with you my entire HR system including job descriptions, interviewing strategies, new employee onboarding, when and how to discipline for bad behavior, how to conduct performance reviews, tactics for keeping employees motivated and how to conduct staff meetings.


sales + marketing

Learn best practices for taking potential customers from hmmm, maybe to yes, definitely! I’m talking sales calls, follow ups, and tracking your closing ratio.

Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook bringing you down? Learn how to run ads, what to post and when, how to use hashtags, how to engage properly and how to use Instagram stories to your advantage.

Lastly, we’ll cover best practices for optimizing your website so you attract all the right clients.



Profit and loss, balance sheet and chart of accounts are foreign terms for you so you don't consistently check the health of your finances. You might not even have a budget created and have no idea how much you're spending on new inventory or if it makes sense to expand into new warehouse space or hire. I'll teach you basic bookkeeping and work with you to create a budget so you don't derail and get yourself into a bind.


Getting from point A to point Z starts with knowing your “Z”. Let’s start with your BIG goal - where you ultimately want your business to be - and break that glorious beast into smaller goals or doable baby-biz steps that won’t overwhelm you. It’s like drawing a map or framing out a house - everything that comes next builds from here.

You'll learn productivity hacks such as time blocking and how to prioritize your never ending to-do list.



What will we cover?


Lane's coaching was invaluable and breathed a breathe of fresh air into my business.

Sarah m., hazelwood photo, portland, oregon

I was inspired to re-think my marketing approach, discover creative ways to distinguish my business from the competition and better connect with my target market. Lane's extensive professional background, entrepreneurial drive, and success in the highly competitive niche' wedding market make her uniquely qualified and one of the best investment you can make in your business!

Image Credit: Hazelwood Photo


TWELVE month

Initial business assessment

custom tailored strategies based on the areas you need the most help with

Bi-weekly, 60 minute recorded phone calls

12 months of support, guidance and encouragement

access to all my email templates, workflows, contracts, checklists, hr forms and operating procedures ($1300+ value)

Access to all recorded masterclasses ($261 value)

zello coaching on demand ($2394 value)

onsite VIP day (all travel fees included to your city)

investment - INQUIRE

This 12 month mentorship focuses specifically on ALL the pain points in your wedding rental business. Whether it's systems & processes, hiring, new employee onboarding, marketing, client experience, identifying your ideal client, pricing, sales, finances, or productivity -- we'll work together for 12 months on a custom-defined strategy that'll lift you up and get you back on track. You'll walk away not only knowing what to do, but you'll have time to actually do the work during your implementation weeks.

The icing on the cake? You'll have one, full VIP strategy day at your location! Together we'll explore your entire onsite operations as we roll up our sleeves and work through your most difficult challenges.

A mentorship program that provides direction, focus, and hands-on support needed to put processes in place for your rental business.

Are you ready to invest in your specialty rental business, yourself and your future with money that can easily come back to you 10X over, again and again?

Well, what are you waiting for?