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8 Ways to Use Instagram Stories in Your Wedding Business

June 21, 2018

We all know by now that Instagram is one of the top ways to reach your audience. But are you using Instagram stories in your wedding business to reach and engage with your audience and potential clients? Your audience wants to see all the pretty, inspirational images you’re already sharing, but they also want to see a glimpse into the life of a wedding professional. Stories allow your audience to relate to you and see that there’s a real person behind the grid.

What’s an Instagram Story?

Instagram stories are photo or video clips shared with your audience that disappear after 24-hours. If you’re familiar with Snapchat, Instagram stories is very similar. You want to keep your Instagram feed cohesive, professional and branded. Instagram stories are a great way to showcase work that you may not want to have displayed permanently in your feed. They’re meant to supplement your feed and are often checked first prior to scrolling.

What Type of Content Do You Share?

Here’s a list of eight ways you can use Instagram stories in your wedding business:

  1. Capture behind-the-scenes (BTS) moments at an event: What I love most about Instagram stories is that professional images are not expected. It’s okay if they’re slightly out of focus or not picture perfect. If you’re onsite working a wedding or a styled shoot, stories are a perfect way to capture you in your moment and watching the day unfold.
  2. Share a site-visit: Maybe you’re onsite for a venue walk-through, why not snap a photo or video and use the location/geo tag to tag where you are? When you add a geo tag, it’s another opportunity to engage with your audience and kick-start a conversation. Plus, you never know who may be following you that’s just booked the same venue for their wedding and are looking to build their team of wedding professionals. Showcasing the places you visit builds the know, like and trust factor potential clients need before they decide to book.
  3. Introducing new team members: Have a new face you’ve added to your team? Why not create a story introducing them to your audience. This can be a simple photo of your new team member, but better yet, why not interview them by asking a series of questions (displayed as a text photo) then video their response. By sharing a video of your new team member, it allows your audience to connect with your new team member which helps establish trust.
  4. Getting feedback using polls: Are you considering launching a new product or service and want to gauge interest? Instagram polls are a super easy and great way to engage your audience and solicit feedback from them. When you create a story poll, your audience responds and you’re able to see the results.
  5. Showcase client testimonials: Yes, you should be posting client testimonials to your Instagram feed as well, but don’t miss the opportunity to share via a story as well. You can create a special template for showcasing testimonials via Canva, which has pre-made templates you can modify or you can easily create your own. When you post a testimonial, include your clients first name and last initial, what type of wedding they had and the venue. Again, this shows you’re familiarity with a particular venue and by sharing a testimonial, you’re letting your previous clients do the work selling your business. Your clients have a way of describing your services and products in a way that no one else can, so why not share with others? What’s even better? While onsite, get a video testimonial from a client. They’re full of emotion and happiness which will radiate through your story. And, since you can save and download your stories, you can re-use that video sharing it to your website or Facebook.
  6. Announce a new blog post: We all know by now that not everyone sees what’s posted to our feed. When you’ve posted a new blog, you want it to reach as many people as you can as this helps give your website a SEO boost. Using an image from the blog you created, share an image to your story pointing people to your profile where you’ve shared a link to your most recent blog post.
  7. Show-off your creative process: Another great BTS idea is to show how you do what you do. If you’re a florist, show the process of selecting flowers at the flower market. What you have to do to keep flowers fresh before they’re delivered or how you create a bouquet or centerpiece. If you’re a cake designer, show the process you take with a client to come up with a design. Then show how the cake comes together from measuring to mixing to baking to frosting. When you show how you create your craft, it also shows value in your services. We always hear about the DIY couple who thinks they can really do it themselves or those potential clients who think you’re priced too high. Showing everything that goes into your services will have them thinking twice once they really see what goes into making a bouquet or wedding cake.
  8. Give a tutorial: Sharing something of value to your audience is another great way to establish trust. If you’re a calligrapher, why not share a demo on a basic hand-lettering technique? If you’re a florist you can share a tutorial on how you build a centerpiece. If you’re a designer, teach how you style a table or other vignette.

If you’re not sure what content to share via your stories, why not ask your audience what they’d like to see (remember the poll feature?)? Using that feedback will help you create a content strategy so that you have the most engagement from your audience. If you use any of these strategies within your wedding business, you’re sure to see a spike in engagement!

Want to create a strategy for your Instagram marketing?

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